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The fast-paced ride through a wild West goldmine

Reaching a high point of 14 m, the ride on the roller coaster begins with the chain lift, which pulls the mine cars, in two speed steps, to the first drop.

Along the track of around 350 meters, the 8 cars, each with a capacity of up to 3 persons, make their journey through valleys and mountains, around steep curves, twice passing the lake, with its new waterfall. Exciting speed changes complete the ride experience.

In 2008, High Explosive was equipped with a fully automatic 5-block safety braking system by the German rollercoaster specialist GERSTLAUER. Electronic route monitoring makes it impossible for the cars to come into contact during operation. The electrics and electronics have been upgraded to a state-of-the-art system and the cars have been equipped with new bearings and wheels.

The covered entrance area is themed throughout. here, spectators and attendants can clearly view the excitement and guests can take a break on one of the numerous seats. High Explosive’s was completely visually renovated in 2015 with new figures and scenery, as well as a waterfall. The rails and the steel structure were sandblasted and repainted.

The rollercoaster’s footprint is 31.5 meters deep. 2 front lengths are available, as required. The 29 meter front set-up integrates all transport and personnel vehicles into the system. The variant without the figure boxes has a smaller front width of 24 meters.

High Explosive – roller coaster fun for the whole family.

Technical Data

With: 29 m (With scenes left and right in the front, Transport vehicles built in)
With: 24 m (without scenes)
Depth 31,50 m
Height: 14 m
Power Connection: 80 kW

Energy efficient drive technology and lighting (100% LED).

Explanation Floor plan

If required, there are 2 front lengths, with and without slide show boxes available.

In the complete set-up with a 29 meter front, all transports and personal cars are integrated into the system.

In the variant without a show box a 24 meter shortened front mass is achieved.

In any case, High Explosive is a roller coaster fun for the whole family!

Floor plan (29 m Front)


Floor Plan (24 m Front)